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We, your Genie, a group of IIT/IIM aluminites and Industry experts are here to nurture and enhance your technical and non-technical skills with our vast arrays of experiences and modules curated just for you.


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Scholars Genie, an Edtech company, is founded by esteemed
alumni of the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM).
Committed to empowering students, we embark on a journey to
provide the essential guidance, opportunities, and resources
necessary for students to maximise their career potential.
At Scholars Genie, we believe in the transformative power of
education and strive to create an inclusive learning ecosystem
that nurtures talent, fosters innovation, and cultivates success.

Most Featured Courses

Soft-Skill Training Program

This program is curated keeping the requirements of the changing business environment. In the post-covid era, corporates are shifting towards an online hiring process. 

Placement Prepration Program

This program is curated through rigorous research on aptitude training contents and soft skills which are mandatorily required for any student & professionals to ace in their placement process.

Career Skyrocketing Program

This program is designed to launch or Boost the career of students or professionals. The Program aims at upskilling and appropriate industry exposer to skyrocket your professional career.

Career Navigator Program

This program is designed for all those students who wants a career direction or a professional who are stuck in their career growth or someone who is confused about their future

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Soft Skill Training

CV/Resume Building

Profile Building

Live Projects Oppertunity

Career Guidance

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Personalized Guidance

Personalized Guidance provides tailored support and advice to help individuals navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and achieve their goals.


Live Interactive sessions

Live interactive sessions allow real-time engagement between participants, facilitating collaboration, learning, and problem-solving through interactive discussions and activities.


Live Project Opportunities

We provide live projects to gain practical experience in your field. Opportunities include research, development, and implementation in real-world settings.

Limitless Learning, Limitless Possibilities

Platform that helps students connect with others and find support. It can help students develop resilience by consistently seeking knowledge

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Background of our mentors and your Genie

Background of our mentors and your Genie

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I always wanted to work for big software MNC, but being a Electronic Engg. it was never possible. Then I took modules from Scholars Genie now I am working with a leading Software MNC


I was very anxious during placements, than I bought Placement prep modules, which was very well structured and customized and it helped me cope up with all the subject matter


I love the resources provided during each course. It feel great to learn new things and find out about great tricks & hacks to accel from the Industry experts. I was privileged to get lessons from Sumit Sir.

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